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At WDS Contracting, our earthwork services combine precision, experience, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results that kick off your project the right way. Serving Oklahoma City and across the state, we specialize in commercial, industrial, and federal earthwork.

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At WDS Contracting, we are proud pioneers in leveraging AGTEK software to revolutionize the earthwork sector in Oklahoma City. In an era of digital advancement, AGTEK earthwork software ensures accuracy, efficiency and superior project visualization throughout your project—from start to finish. Additionally, AGTEK offers tools capable of revealing potential value engineering options to provide cost savings.

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In the dynamic landscape of construction and earthwork, WDS Contracting strives to deliver innovation and reliability. Our expertise in harnessing the potential of AGTEK software positions us as the go-to choice for projects demanding a perfect blend of precision and innovation. 

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